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Changing Seasons

on September 24, 2015
image courtesy of Evgeni Dinev/

image courtesy of Evgeni Dinev/

Usually, I look forward to the late year change of seasons. Everything was something to anticipate. From autumn’s cooler weather to creation’s flamboyant autumn display of rich, changing colors, to the memory of autumn school days and the new television season.

This year, however, I did not look forward to the arrival of fall. Indeed, I am still not ready for the change.

I have not made the dietary shift. In the supermarket, I have been shocked these last few weeks to see that the price of berries has doubled, and the plentiful variety of melons that were prominently displayed all summer have gone. We are in the days of squash and pumpkins and sweet potatoes.

I have not made the fashion shift. I’m still reaching for t-shirts, and breezy white dresses beckon to me from my closet to give them one more wear. But navy slacks and caramel sweaters are the order of the day.

I have not made the mental shift. I spent this summer enjoying driving vacations to New York, to Ohio, and to Western North Carolina. On my list of places to visit, also, were Colorado and Houston. I never managed to get to either one. Now the days of travel and visiting have given way to days of mundane routine.

But this is how life is, right? No matter what is happening during one season, whether delightful or dreadful, that season will not last.

Sometimes it seems as if the season of singleness refuses to come to an end. But perhaps, singleness, for we older, perpetual singles, is less like a season and more like a climate. Perhaps within the climate of unpartnered life, we experience many different seasons. Fledgling careers, renting and roommates, getting “out there,” nesting in here, grieving losses. Our seasons have changed and are still changing.

What season are you in in your singleness?


One response to “Changing Seasons

  1. Carole says:

    Lovely post, Alease! and so true.

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