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Words Aptly Spoken

on September 10, 2015
image courtesy of boy kung/

image courtesy of boy kung/

It took a couple of weeks, but a date, an actual in-person dinner-date, resulted from my online dating escapades. The date was casual and relaxed. We talked for hours and hours. I had a great time.

My date seemed to like me a lot. He seemed to want something serious. He seemed eager to move forward. I felt less eager. He didn’t have much to say about the deeper things of life–God and the Spirit and such.

Over the next few days we talked. It was uplifting and revelatory to talk to him. I loved how direct he was in our conversation.

He told me I was not only beautiful but intelligent, funny, sexy and a good woman.

“You don’t even know …” he marveled.

“Know what?” I asked in puzzlement.

I told him he seemed more serious than I wanted to be right now.

He responded that women almost never said those words to him. He could move slow. He could be a friend. He could be whatever I needed him to be right now.

I said I felt slightly pressured by his intensity.

He said he meets a lot of women who are interested in him, but he does not share their interest. If he seems intense it’s because he likes me. I excite him.

“You are the whole package,” he said. “You are wife material. You don’t even know …”

I don’t know. No one has ever told me.

This man does not really interest me, mostly due to our mismatched spirituality. But, ironically, talking to him was like hearing the voice of the Lord.

As I foolishly continue to lament the loss of the love of the man I want and mourn with feelings of rejection, it is as if the Lord wants me to hear and to see something different. Despite the disinterest of the man I want, and the other men I have wanted before him, despite my long, hard, march of singleness, my worth as a woman is far above rubies.

God wants me to know.

God wants you to know, too.


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