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The Real Work at Work

on August 20, 2015
Image courtesy of nenetus/

Image courtesy of nenetus/

After leading the life of a student for the past three years, I find my temporary return to corporate culture to be akin to a comfortably appointed waiting room. Still, sitting in an office shared with co-workers for hours on end, engaging in mundane conversation throughout the day and not being able to take the mid-day siesta that I came to love over the summer have been challenging exercises for me. The free, gourmet, readily available coffee, however, has been joyous. I’m finding my job to be a gift.

Except for one little thing.

Judy (the name I am giving my co-worker for the purposes of this blog).

Judy is my officemate. She is generally friendly, polite, knowledgeable and super-helpful. The problem is that Judy talks rather a lot about money. Specifically, she talks about how fortunate she has been to have earned large sums of money throughout her life. She retired with a windfall from her last job and told us she works now because she enjoys the collegiality and flexibility of office life as a temp. She talks about the homes she has built and the ones she has purchased and sold. She talks about the stock options she has exercised. She talks about having been the breadwinner in her family for most of her married life. About how she has set up her son to have a prosperous future.

Every single day, in her friendly and conversational way, Judy shares with us some story of how she has earned money, saved money or invested money, so much that she now rests in a remarkably rosy financial location.

A couple of weeks of listening to Judy’s money-centric view of life began to take its toll on me. It caused me to feel downright inadequate. I am not on my way to a remarkably rosy financial location, as far as I can tell. I started to wonder, “What have I been doing for all of my working adult years?”

And then I remembered.

I have been serving the Lord and His church.

Judy says that all the important decisions she has made in life have been based upon the financial benefits involved. My choices in life, on the other hand, have not hinged on financial benefit but rather on discerning the will of the Lord and doing it—even if obedience would not make me rich. My choices in following Jesus, though, have actually given me an embarrassment of riches—riches that cannot be measured.

Realizing these things made my peace return to me. For the most part.

I am aware, though, that God is working in me, still. I need more security in the knowledge that God’s love for me is all-sufficient and that I am accepted and acceptable.  I don’t need to feel any way at all about someone else’s riches. If anything I might use uncomfortable moments of discussions about money to remember out loud what truly makes one rich and secure. Perhaps we might all benefit for this kind of truth talk.

Has God ever used your co-workers to work on you?


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