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The Body Beautiful

on July 30, 2015

IMG_0090Recently, I had a never-before-occurring rogue thought enter my mind: I love my body! Amazingly, the thought lingered. It is certainly not that I have abs of steel or that I have conquered the jiggle factor in any segment or compartment of this body of mine. Far from it. Nonetheless, one day I looked into my full-length mirror (when I was not wearing my glasses), and I felt pleased with what I saw.

Imagine that.

I think the seedlings of this idea were planted during the time I spent with my family at the beginning of the summer. First, they repeatedly told me I looked good. This was news to me. I found myself saying in response, “I do?” But eventually, I think I started to believe it.

The real game changer, though, was my niece’s prom. She and her friends looked beautiful in their formal gowns. When I saw a group of the girls together I could not help the comparisons that arose in my mind. It seemed to me that some of the girls’ bodies looked proportional in their gowns, while other girls could have stood to lose a few pounds. My sister was also making a mental comparison, I later learned. It was her impression that some of the girls looked proportional in their gowns, while other girls were too skinny—they needed to gain a few pounds and add some curves to their figures. The girls I thought had perfectly proportioned bodies, my sister thought were too skinny. The girls my sister thought were perfectly proportioned, I thought were too fat.

The light bulb went on for me after that. The beauty standard is completely subjective. And my subjective standard is overly influenced by seeing images of slim, pale, very youthful bodies that are posed and staged for marketing purposes. Of course curves on a woman are good!

The trickle-down effect of this realization came in the form of the thought, “I love my body!” With all its curves and jiggles.

How about you? Have you ever had the thought that you love your body? What prompted this realization?


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