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Couplehood Hunger

on July 16, 2015
image courtesy of arztsamui/

image courtesy of arztsamui/

I spent time as a guest at a friend’s home while I attended a church conference in Ohio recently. My friend, a single man, was an excellent host to me and to the other four people from around the country and the world who were staying in his home.

During the conference, we all went our separate ways, except my friend made a point of escorting me around since I had no other connections there. He sat next to me during services, ate meals with me, and made introductions that connected me to people he thought it might be helpful for me to know. Also, he drove. He invited me to leave my car parked at his house while he dropped me off and picked me up and drove me around the city.

I must say I was not unaffected by the time I spent in my friend’s company. Seeing him serve his guests and accommodate their needs was nice. Sitting next to a man in church, who excused himself to pray for others at the appropriate time was nice. Walking around church with a man, discussing the service and greeting people was nice. Being in the passenger seat was nice.

No wonder, then, that I came home and signed up (again) for online dating.

Hope lives.

What little things make you hungry for couplehood?


3 responses to “Couplehood Hunger

  1. sharynkopf says:

    I know exactly what you mean, Leasey. Watching other couples be a couple makes me long for that kind of connection.

    And I wish I’d known you were in Columbus! It would have been nice to touch base, if only for a few moments as I’m sure you were busy. But next time you’re around. . . . 🙂

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