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I Refuse to Use the “M” Word

on June 27, 2015
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

In the south where I live summer comes in May. It is hot and humid outside from morning to night. Inside it can be chillingly cold as air conditioning works to combat the heat outside.

Added to the variability of seasonal temperatures is the erratic air-conditioned climate inside my apartment. Downstairs it’s cool, upstairs it’s hot. If I’m downstairs I might need a sweater, but then I’ll overheat when I’m preparing to go to bed. So I might turn on the fan. But then turn off the fan if it gets too cool.

With all of this hot-cold navigating, it has taken me a little while to notice the changes in temperature I have been experiencing in my body are not due to my environment. My body was actually changing in temperature.

I decided to test the theory by taking note of the instances when I began to feel overheated. One day, I was working at my computer and felt normal, then felt hot like I needed to turn on the fan. But then–before I was in a good place to stop, step away, and deal with the fan–I didn’t feel hot anymore. I felt a little cool. The room temperature had not changed at all. And then I knew. It was me.

I tried telling myself I was thinking too much about this, and surely it was all in my mind.  But the normal to hot to cool to normal cycle, though not extreme, recurred regularly. (While at the same time the other cycle of my womanly existence seems to be occurring less regularly.) And my forgetfulness has reached unprecedented levels.

I am wayyyy to young, and too cute, too active, too unfinished, too not ready for this!

Nonetheless, it’s here. So I am embracing this change of seasons with laughter and wonder–and with monogrammed linen handkerchiefs.

Have you traveled through this neighborhood yet? How was your journey?


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