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Simple but Tasty Meal Ideas … on a Budget

on June 26, 2015

By the grace of God, I ended up wandering a financially insecure career path. I love what I do, but I hate the uncertainty of it. Money—or the lack thereof—is a constant burden. And I’m not going to lie … it’s rough. The thought that a husband would, most likely, help ease that burden doesn’t help. But since that’s not an option, at least not at this time, I look for other ways to make ends meet.

Coming up with cheap, simple, one-person meals not only helps the pocketbook, but gives me another means to be creative. I’m not doing anything Chef Ramsay-worthy here … just easy ways to make fairly basic items tasty on a budget. Here are two suggestions:

  1. Call me crazy, but I really like the little Totino’s pizzas. They cost less than a buck fifty, and sometimes I can get them on sale for a dollar. I like to take them to another level by adding veggies, like green pepper, sliced tomatoes and extra mozzarella. It’s still a cheap meal, but this takes it up a notch, in my mind.
  2. Last week, I wanted a sandwich for lunch. I had ham and cheese but no bread. But I did have a little can of four crescent rolls. (I’m glad Pillsbury offers smaller portions of these and their biscuits.) So, I unrolled half the dough and laid it flat on a cookie sheet, making a rectangle. I put the ham, some cheese and a couple slices of tomato on top, then covered it with the other two rolls. I baked it in a 375 oven for about 12 minutes.
    Ham & CheeseDo you have any suggestions for taking inexpensive items up a notch? What do you do to save money on food, if anything?

2 responses to “Simple but Tasty Meal Ideas … on a Budget

  1. I like those little pizzas also! I never thought of adding veggies and things to them to make them better. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • sharynkopf says:

      I know — I ate them for years & usually added more cheese because I like cheese. Then, one day, I had half a tomato & some green pepper I needed to use & thought, “Why not?” It was so good I wondered why I hadn’t done it before. 🙂

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