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Who’s Narrating Your Story?

on June 23, 2015

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Who’s narrating your story? I read an article on writing recently that asked this question. It was all about consistency and telling your story in the best possible way. As I read the article, my mind jumped to the question of who’s narrating my life story. It’s said that God is the author of our life, but is He also the narrator?

What voices are you listening to when it comes to your internal talk? Is it God? Or maybe your mother? Possibly, it’s that boy in the 5th grade who called you Bugs Bunny because you hadn’t had braces yet and your top teeth bucked out over your lower lip. We all hear different voices at different times, but that doesn’t mean we have to listen to them all. Really, when it comes to our life story, only the words God whispers to us are important.

You may be self-confident and poised in the boardroom, but what happens when you try to balance your checkbook? Is it the voice of your college speech professor who taught you to take charge of your work persona? Maybe it’s your father telling you you’re just a dumb girl who can’t do math.

Or you may be cool as a cucumber when hanging with your girlfriends, but as soon as an eligible man comes into the room, you hear your high school boyfriend saying you’re just not what he’s looking for, and he doesn’t want to be around you anymore.

The chatter we hear overlaying our lives can take on many forms. Often it does come from a specific incident in our past. Sometimes it comes from a lifetime of never being the chosen one. This self-talk comes unbidden, but we don’t have to let it continue. It’s our choice to listen or to change the track to something more positive.

Changing that inner monolog is hard. I’ve found the best way is to find Scripture that describes who I am in Christ. When the going gets tough, I use those words to drown out the naysayers. It’s not easy. It takes a lot of practice, but it’s definitely worth it.

God is writing our story, and He should be narrating it. He would never tell us we’re worthless or unlovable. His words are life-bringing words, not soul-crushing ones. Next time a different narrator tries to take over your story, kick their behind out, and let God take over again.


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2 responses to “Who’s Narrating Your Story?

  1. sharynkopf says:

    Nicely said. Thank you, Tammie!

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