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It’s the Simple Things

on May 8, 2015

It really is. The simple things, I mean. Take, for instance, this:


Now, I realize this probably isn’t new to you. I stumbled across these wonderful answers to my cooking-for-one dilemma several years ago. The dilemma being–what’s the best way to store leftovers so they don’t go bad before I get to them? Then I found these containers that can go from the freezer to the microwave.

Which means I can make a pot of chili or goulash or chicken and noodles, put single servings in a few of these babies and toss them in the freezer until I’m ready to nuke one for a quick meal. I’ve definitely thrown away fewer leftovers since I made this discovery!

For Cinco de Mayo this week, I decided to make a taco dip. Here’s what I do:

I brown half a pound of hamburger and mix it with about 1/3 of a packet of taco seasoning and some water. Then I put half of the meat mixture in one of the aforementioned containers, top it with some queso and microwave it until the cheese is bubbly hot. Add some salsa and/or tomatoes, a bit of lettuce, and some tortilla chips for dipping, and you get something like this:

Simple 2

Of course, you can layer other things, like beans, corn, onions, sour cream … whatever makes your taste buds happy!

When you’re finished with meal one, put the rest of the meat into the same container and store in the fridge or freezer, depending on when you think you’ll finish it.

By the way, I bought the cool sewing chair and the green tea cart in the above pictures at auctions. I love a great auction find! In fact, I hope to go to a couple this weekend.

Do you have any cooking-for-one hacks you want to share?



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