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Are You Living in the In-Between?

on April 7, 2015

Once I sat in a doctor’s waiting room for more than an hour. There wasn’t any explanation from the receptionist as to why I was still waiting. When I finally questioned her, I was told the doctor was held up and that was all I got. I had to make a choice of sitting down and continuing my wait, or rescheduling.

It was frustrating. I felt forgotten and invisible.

hourglass-34048_1280 CC0

I was stuck in the in-between.

Sometimes I feel like that is my life. I feel stuck in the in-between. That area between my past life and my hope of someday participating in married life. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the waiting. Sometimes it feels as if I’m missing something here in the in-between. I want to get to what is coming next. I’m that way in everything, not just my singleness. I don’t like the in-between.

That’s the problem with single life, it’s easy to focus on wanting to be part of a couple and forget there’s nothing wrong with where we are right now. God has us here for some reason. He has purpose in what we often view as the in-between. And sometimes we forget that.

Singleness is not some great waiting room for what comes next. If we just sit and wait, we’re not only missing out on great things, but we’re also missing out on what God has created us for in this time frame.


7 responses to “Are You Living in the In-Between?

  1. nosyjosie says:

    Wow! What a powerful ending statement. You’re right; we are always looking at singleness as a transition phase when there are amazing things that God has for us IN that phase. The funny thing about it, is that we can really focus more on all of Gods goodness when another person is NOT in the picture. With a mate, we have to split our focus between him and God, which can be quite the challenge. Whereas when God is the love of your life, you can put all of your focus into nurturing this bomb (yeah Im old school lol) relationship that you have with Him. Great post!

  2. nosyjosie says:

    I also nominated you for an award (very well-deserved) and wanted to be sure you could see it. I know I’m not over 40 but I love your blog all the same lol 🙂 – here ya go –

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