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Hope Rises Again

on April 2, 2015

Remember New Year’s Day? Remember the feeling of getting a new beginning? Of hoping again for something different and something more in the coming months?

We are three months into the new year. Often by this time our hopes and earnest efforts have waned. Often by now, after battling through chilling winters (seasonal and emotional), we are fatigued. Forget dynamic change, we just want to get back to having no icy, freezing conditions to contend with.

How wonderful that just at this time the Lord reminds us that new life is still possible.

We see it in the trees coming to life. We hear it in the birdsong of returning sparrows. We smell it in the earth’s bouquets coming into bloom.

We remember it viscerally when we contemplate Jesus’s arrest, His brutal torture, His state-sanctioned execution–the worst winter on record you might say–all before His glorious and death-defying resurrection.

Resurrection Sunday is almost here. Though we are older and weary and have been disappointed by long, cold winters, what new life can you & I believe God has yet to accomplish in us, through us and around us?

Let us let hope have its way again this Easter season.


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