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It’s Not Too Late

on March 26, 2015

Kevin is one of the sound guys at my church.  I like him because, whereas others tell me to “project more” when I speak, Kevin tells me to speak normally, to not raise my voice. It’s his job, he says, to make sure the mic amplifies the sound of my voice—that’s what the mic is for. He is diligent about making sure my ear-attached microphone works properly on Sundays, and generally impresses me as the best sound guy we have.

Recently, I learned that Kevin—50s, tall, regular, not-unattractive, white guy—is single. He told me he never married and has no children. When he got out of the service he was 45, he said, and “it was too late.” He had missed his opportunity for marriage.

I was shocked.

My reply was that it most certainly was not too late! I told him he would be surprised at the number of women over 40 who were, even now, hoping to meet a man like him.

I’m beginning to wonder if there is some grand conspiracy happening that keeps singles apart from one another. Or, maybe, it is simply that we ladies over 40 need to drop more obvious hints when we are interested in a man.

It’s hard to believe, but maybe men in our age group just don’t know we are interested in being with them. Maybe they are as unsure as we are and need a little encouragement.

What has your experience been?


2 responses to “It’s Not Too Late

  1. nosyjosie says:

    well I’m not 40, but even at 29 I still have to drop hints from time to time LOL!

    • Alease B. says:

      Yes, nosyjosie, men of all ages need a little encouraging. :-). Hopefully you’ll not be worried about these things at 40+ and your efforts will lead you to a long, happy, and fruitful marriage! Thanks for the comment!

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