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Love Takes Its Time

on March 19, 2015
Image courtesy of stockimages/

Image courtesy of stockimages/

After 25 years of marriage, “Rose,” became single again in her early 40s. She thought surely, she would meet someone new and remarry before too long. She is now 62, however, and a second marriage has not happened.

As a single woman, Rose threw herself into the work of the Lord. She is a children’s ministry leader and kept the kids in her church busy with lessons, activities, music and events teaching them about Jesus.

A widower in the church, “Gary,” would attend the programs that his children were a part of. Rose would interact with him from time to time. After many years, she noticed one day that Gary seemed … interesting. When she saw Gary next, at a children’s concert, she handed him a note: “Do you want to have lunch with me sometime?”

Sitting at the piano she nervously watched as he opened it. He read the note, then passed it down the row to the people he was sitting with. They all read the note too. Rose was mortified.

After the concert, she approached him and asked him why he shared her note. He said, “I didn’t know who it was for.” Rose didn’t know what to say. She let it go and went on her way.

That week Gary telephoned Rose. He made small talk for half a minute, and then he hung up. “What was that about?” she wondered. He called her the next day and did the same. Gary phoned Rose for five days in a row though he had nothing much to say. Finally, he invited her out to dinner.

Rose thought dinner would be a challenge since Gary wasn’t much of a conversationalist. But the evening turned out to be delightful. Gary brought her flowers, took her to a nice restaurant and revealed himself to be, in fact, a great communicator. He was engaging, funny and a good listener.

They went out again. And again. And have been going out for over a year.

She says she can be lively or quiet with him. That he’s thoughtful–always thinking about what she might need around her house, always picking up little things she might enjoy. That he’s supportive–willing to help her with anything she needs help with. That he’s a gentleman–always opening doors and pulling out chairs. That he’s fun–oh, the places they go!

I appreciate so many things about this couple’s story. Like how it took years for Rose to notice Gary. And I love that she took the risk of asking him out. Bold lady! I love how what seemed like rejection (and humiliation) actually ended up being something else. I love the awkward way Gary expressed interest and Rose’s patience in following his lead.

They are not married (yet), but what a charming, hopeful romance!


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