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Spring Cleaning the Freezer

on March 14, 2015

I have had a half-empty bag of chicken wingettes in my freezer for at least a year. They were frozen solid and encased in ice, but I still thought there might be hope of salvaging them. And I needed to salvage them because I have restricted myself from buying any meat until I eat the meat that has been sitting in my freezer forever.

Well, where there’s a will there’s a way! I transformed those freezer-burned wings into something tasty. And it was rather easy to do.

Just before I rushed out to an appointment I put the wings (sorry I forgot the pic of the frozen wings) in my crock pot and just barely covered them with water.

Then I added seasoning. Just the basics: seasoned salt, pepper, onion and garlic.

I put the top on the pot, turned the pot on high (since they were frozen solid), and went on my merry way.

Three hours later the chicken was cooked. But I wanted the meat to fall off the bones, so I let it cook for another four hours while I studied.

When I next checked, the bones were easily separated from the meat. Perfect.

I scooped the bones out, which was easy since they were all drumettes with one bone.

What was left was tender, flavorful chicken stock.

This could be the base of a hearty soup, or it could be eaten with rice or noodles.  But I plan to get a bowl and spoon and enjoy it as is!

Have you salvaged anything good from the freezer lately?


3 responses to “Spring Cleaning the Freezer

  1. only24dates says:

    omg yum! I don’t know much about cooking so I assumed that chicken is to be thrown out after a couple of weeks or what not – even if in the freezer. So I can still use my old frozen wings?

    • Alease B. says:

      The freezer preserves meat. This I know. I’m no expert on cooking either, though, so I won’t say absolutely yes. I’ll just say I think if meat is frozen securely, it will keep for a long time. Mine turned out deliciously. TY for your comments!

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