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Let It Snow!

on February 26, 2015

The internet has been out due to snow. But the silver lining is that my classes were also let out. Yayyy! Another plus is that this southern snowfall is positively beautiful. It’s the same snowfall as in other parts of the country, I suppose, but because it is so infrequent it brings with it a kind of joyousness that lingers with it.

My favorite thing on a day like this is to curl up in front of the tv and watch a good, sappy love story. This morning I was all ready to settle in with my DVD when I remembered I am forgoing movies during the Lenten season. Even on snow days. I have lots to pray about and prepare for regarding the next season of my life. So no escapist romance for me today, alas.

Instead of the movie, I went out and marveled at God’s awesome creation. I cleared off my car, and had such fun with the snow that I cleared off two of my neighbors’ cars too.

I love snow days!

What do you do when you are snowed in?

View of my street.

View of my street.

Courtesy of the neighbor's children.

Courtesy of the neighbor’s children.

My backyard.

My backyard.


One response to “Let It Snow!

  1. only24dates says:

    Good Samaritan! I love days without technology. You can get back to the basic pleasures in life.

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