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Valentine’s Day 2015–Postscript

on February 19, 2015
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles and

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

On Friday, February 13th, I began the day with a 5+ mile walk.  It was so cold outside in the morning that I froze all the way down to my core, and spent the remainder of the day trying to warm up. I was unfocused, unproductive, and by the evening I felt very ill.

When I found myself eating cheddar popcorn and Tate’s Chipless Wonder chocolate-chipless cookies I realized that I wasn’t physically ill so much as emotionally troubled. Something was bothering me. But what could it be? It couldn’t be that Valentine’s Day weekend was here, that I was reading all about everyone’s plans and gifts and love lives on Facebook, and that I was planning on spending Valentine’s Day alone and that I was not happy about it, could it? Alas. I admitted to myself my loneliness and went to be early.

Amazingly, when Valentine’s Day actually arrived the next morning, I felt full of vitality. I spent the day doing my favorite things. I gave myself permission to finish that bag of cheddar popcorn. I chatted with friends. Then, before I knew it, my happy, sunshiny, Valentine’s Day was over.

The next day, as I drove to church at 7 a.m., I chatted with the Lord. I reminisced about how I used to hear from Him with such regularity and clarity.  “We used to have such sweet times, Lord,” I said.

I arrived at church for our pre-worship meeting, where the senior pastor told me a minister friend of mine from South Africa–whom I had mentioned at church in the past–would be visiting our church. I was stunned.

I do not speak to or connect with this minister very much, and only I and the Lord know of my love and prayers for him.

It’s like this:

Imagine that you are a Royal Watcher. (This is actually a thing.)  Imagine that, perchance, you met Prince Harry during the course of your travels and had a lovely, lovely conversation with him. Imagine that since that perchance meeting, you have a particular affection for Prince Harry among all the other royals. Imagine that you pray for the Prince as often as you pray for your dearest loved ones.

Now imagine you go to church one day and your pastor says to you, “By the way, I thought you might be interested to know that Prince Harry is coming to town in a few weeks and will be making an official visit to our church to have lunch with us.” Of all the churches, in all the cities, in all the countries in the world, Prince Harry is coming to yours!

I do not have the words to tell you how astonished and delighted I am by the news that my friend will be visiting my church!

Yet, as delighted as I am at the news of my friend’s visit, I am even more bowled over by the love of the Lord. This felt like His Valentine’s Day gift to me. Only the Lord knows how much I would love to see this man again. Only the Lord could arrange to have this man come to my humble church. Only the Lord could surprise me like this. Only the Lord could give me a gift that is so sweet, so personally meaningful, so mind-blowingly unbelievable, that it makes the thought of a bouquet or a box of chocolates or a seven-course meal, seem … paltry.

He sees me. He knows me. He loves me. We are still having our sweet times together.

Happy Valentine’s Day indeed.


2 responses to “Valentine’s Day 2015–Postscript

  1. only24dates says:

    How lovely! I adore those moments with God and I reminisce too on those talks lol. Your Vday sounded awesome

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