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This Blog Post Is Not About 50 Shades of Anything

on February 13, 2015

When I first started mulling over this week’s article—and that was about a month ago—I knew I had to take Valentine’s Day into consideration. Of course, my first thought was to write about romance or, more realistically, the lack of any in my life. Maybe something like “A Dozen Ways to Enjoy the Love Holiday in 2015” or  “Eight People to Give Valentine’s Day Cards to If You Don’t Have a Significant Other” or “You Can Turn S.A.D. (Singles Awareness Day) Into Glad! Here’s How!”

Then I realized today is Friday the 13th. Maybe the creepy side of romance would be a better way to go. But the 50 Shades of Grey movie opens this weekend and, from what I can tell, they pretty much have that covered.

My apologies. As promised, this post isn’t about that.

Kissing by David Castillo Dominici

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

Anyway, I’m a romantic and even though my personal experiences are somewhat limited, I like to write about love. So it seemed only natural to include a few kissing scenes in my novel, Spinstered.

Somewhere in the midst of pondering this post, I thought, “Why not share one of my favorite first-kiss moments from Spinstered? The idea appealed to me. And I knew just the scene.

The following takes place about halfway through the novel. Jolene and her friends are at a singles retreat in the mountains of Colorado. During a video scavenger hunt the first night, Jolene ends up strolling down a mountainside road with her best friend, Trevor. Their other teammates—naïve Ellen and good-humored Kate—have walked ahead. And that’s when everything changes. …


“So,” I (Jolene) say, “are you having fun?”


“Really? You’re glad you came?”

“Why not?”

I stop walking and look him in the eyes. “I know this isn’t your thing, Trev. I know you’re only here because I … persuaded you.”

He grins. “You can be very persuasive.”

“When you’re a social worker, it comes in handy.”

We start moving again. And then, in the dark, under a sky punctuated by stars, on the side of a mountain dotted with snow, his hand brushes mine. One of those quick, accidental moments. It’s nothing. Less than something. But Trevor takes a sharp, quiet breath. All of a sudden I want it to be intentional. And I want it to happen again. It’s like someone flipped a switch I never knew existed.

“This will never do.”

He looks at me.

Yep. I said it out loud.

“Why not?” His fingers curl around mine.

It was definitely intentional. Oh boy. This is all so unexpected and confusing and … dreamy. Still, in a move that shows I’m more clueless than Ellen, I say, “We’re friends.”

“Yeah. Good friends.”

I slow to a stop but can’t look at him. Not yet. With most men I’d be coy and flirtatious, but Trevor is different. “The best.” It’s barely a whisper. I’m not even sure he heard me.

He glances ahead to Ellen and Kate, who disappear around a bend. His grip on my hand tightens as he pulls me off the road and behind a tree. I do a skip and a jump to keep from falling over. Stumble against him. Grab his arm and look up. In the star-lit silence he stares down at me. I can see the hope in his brown eyes. “Who better to fall in love with than my best friend?”

I barely squeak out, “In love?” and he kisses me. Lord have mercy, he kisses me. It’s short and sweet and my whole body melts. My hands clutch at his shirtfront. He pulls back, his eyes searching mine. For some reason I whisper, “Heaven,” but in truth it’s a miracle I can speak at all. So he kisses me again. I might as well kiss him back.

Time slows until it moves as languidly as a lazy river. I’m not sure how long we’re there, making out like two teenagers in the back of a station wagon, only this is so much better. We float under a starry sky, surrounded by the scent of pine trees and the rhythmic sounds of a forest at night. His hands pull me closer. Then Kate calls my name, and I push him away. For several seconds we just stare at each other as Kate and Ellen head back our way, getting dangerously close to our hiding place.

“So,” Trevor says, a grin I’ve never seen before lighting his face, “we’ll talk about this later?”

I take a deep breath and somehow manage to smile back.

“Oh, absolutely.”


4 responses to “This Blog Post Is Not About 50 Shades of Anything

  1. That’s a great scene. I love writing about love and romance, too. It’s nice to be able to show love in an honorable and respectable way.

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