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Fake Patty Melts

on February 10, 2015
Image courtesy: Jackthumm/

Image courtesy: Jackthumm/

I’m a lover of comfort foods. One of my favorites to order when I’m in a diner is a patty melt. It’s not something I ever make for myself at home. Recently, though, I was hungry for something and didn’t feel like going out. So I put my brain to work and came up with a fake patty melt which wasn’t too bad. It’s quick and easy and even a little healthy.

I started with a Spicy Black Bean Veggie Burger from Morningstar. I love these burgers and usually have them in my freezer.  I sautéed some onion in a skillet while the burger was in the toaster oven. Cheese was added at the very last minute so that it just melts over the top of the burger. Instead of frying the sandwich with butter in the skillet, I toasted it and then added the burger and onions.

It turned out pretty good. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures before I ate it!




6 responses to “Fake Patty Melts

  1. Carole Brown says:

    Sounds yummy. May try them soon. 🙂

  2. Alease B. says:

    Tammie you make me want to try the Black Bean Burger! I see them all the time and usually avoid, but I think I’m going to pick some up this week and give it a go! Thanks for this!!

    • I avoided them for a while because I don’t do spicy very well, but they aren’t overly spicy. I usually buy the big box and use them for all kinds of stuff from breakfast to chopping one up and adding to a salad.

      You should try them!

  3. only24dates says:

    lol @ you eating it first. That’s how you know it was good! Have you tried tuna melts? I had my first one 2 days ago and am hooked

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