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Don’t Wait a Year

on December 26, 2014

Some people think Christmas starts too soon. I think it ends too soon.

December 26 hits and all we have left are turkey bones, torn wrapping paper and, or so they say, at least five extra pounds of body fat. In a day, radio stations have stopped playing carols and, other than Hallmark, holiday movies have disappeared from TV. All we are left with is the New Year … and get-it-together resolutions … and the dark days of winter.

No wonder my sister starts looking for our annual OBX summer vacation house in January.

On the Christmas episode of the new series The Librarians, they had a different take on Santa Claus. Instead of giving presents, he spent the year gathering goodwill, which he released to the world on December 25th.

A Moose-Reindeer Christmas 2

I plan to keep my little tree — and its moose companions — on display for at least another month. The twinkle lights make me happy and add warmth to the gloomy side of winter.

According to the show, peace, joy and kindness are something we have limited supplies of and, by the end of the year, it’s been mostly used up. Which is why so many are depressed and suicidal once the holidays roll around, and we desperately need a supernatural dosage each Christmas to keep us going for the next 11 months.

Well, as much as I enjoy The Librarians—especially, let’s be honest, Christian Kane—I’m glad they’re wrong about this. The peace, joy and goodwill we have through Christ comes to us in unlimited supply. We’re not going to run out. We just might act like it, forgetting all our blessings during the seasons and events we don’t like while we wait for those we do.

So, I just wanted to take a moment to encourage you to not put aside your Christmas spirit for a year. Hang on to it. I promise you won’t run out.

With love,                                                                                                                                                                ~Sharyn


3 responses to “Don’t Wait a Year

  1. Carole Brown says:

    I always leave my tree up thru Jan. It cheers me and I love Christmas trees. Why not enjoy it a little longer if I want? 🙂

  2. Carole Brown says:

    And besides (hiding a chuckle), I HATE the job of taking it down . . . until hubby insists! Lol

    • sharynkopf says:

      I don’t like taking the tree down either, Carole. But I’ve discovered that, since my tree is small enough, I can just carry it down to my basement storage room still decorated. Makes it easier to set it up the next Christmas too! Got the idea from a Facebook post, where they had wrapped a rather large tree in plastic wrap. Something to think about. . . . 🙂

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