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Two of My Favorite Christmas Recipes

on December 19, 2014

I decided to share two recipes today since they’re both short and easy.

The first is for broccoli-wild rice dressing—a recipe I came upon in a magazine over 20 years ago that my family still enjoys. And it’s so simple.

All you do is make the three main ingredients separately but, preferably, at the same time, according to directions: a bag of seasoned cubed dressing, a box of long grain and wild rice, like Uncle Ben’s, and about two cups of broccoli, fresh or frozen.

Whenever possible, I use chicken broth instead of water since it adds flavor. Once all three items have been prepared, mix them together. You can put it in a baking dish and stick it in the oven, if you like. However, that might dry it out.


My second recipe is for Christmas punch. For most of my life, I’ve had a take it or leave it attitude toward eggnog … until a co-worker introduced this punch to me at a staff party many years ago.

All you do is combine a liter of eggnog, an equal amount of ginger ale (give or take) and several scoops of peppermint ice cream in a punch bowl. Feel free to adjust the ingredients to get the combination you want. And you can add a bit of rum, too, if you feel so inclined.

It’s a frothy, Christmas-y concoction that’s the perfect addition to your next holiday party.

Christmas Meme - art by Feelart 2

Image courtesy of Feelart/

In the meantime, here’s wishing you and yours a wonderful week as we celebrate the birth of the One who makes it all worthwhile!

And if you have a special holiday recipe to share, I’d love to see it. . . .

God bless you,



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