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Faking It

on December 12, 2014
Best Christmas Pageant Ever

I know it’s small but this photo shows you a scene from our production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. And it also gives you a glimpse of the beautiful Holland Theatre here in Bellefontaine. BTW: I’m the blonde facing the audience on the left.


This past October I auditioned for a community production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Expecting to get a smaller part, boy, was I pleasantly surprised to be cast as the adult lead—a wife and mother who ends up having to direct the church Christmas pageant when the regular director breaks her leg.

After two months of rehearsals, we open tonight. If I remember correctly, this is the biggest role I’ve ever had on stage and I admit I’m nervous. I’m also excited and ready and can’t wait to see what will happen. I know my lines, have my props and even mapped out my costume changes, which is saying something for someone as unorganized as I tend to be.

But when it came down to my smallest prop/costume piece, I hesitated. I play a wife so I should wear a wedding ring, right? Or should I not bother? Would anyone notice? Will it go to my head or, even worse, will people think, “Wow, that spinster couldn’t wait to put a fake ring on her finger, could she?”

Of course, when it comes to other props or costume items, I wouldn’t even hesitate. And, I’ve been told, I play the part of a wife and mother quite convincingly.

But that ring. It means something. For a short time, many years ago, I wore a True Love Waits ring on my left hand, third finger. Until it started to feel weird, and I learned some men saw it and assumed I was married, and I began to wonder if it was just kind of sad—me, trying to attach hope that I might have something to wait for to a piece of jewelry.

So, yes, it’s been hard for me to put on that fake wedding ring when I’ve never worn a real one. It means too much. For a similar reason, I do not want to be called my cat’s “mom.” That word is far too important to attach it to a feline. He’s a great cat and I love having him in my home, but he’s just a pet.

Anyway, this weekend, I will put on the fake wedding band I borrowed from my sister and pretend to be a wife three times. Hopefully, everyone will believe it.

Everyone, I suppose, but me.

What about you? Have you ever had a reason to pretend to be a wife or a mother? Did it bother you … or were you able to fake it without any problem?


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