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The More Things Change

on October 24, 2014

The truth is, I probably shouldn’t say anything. After all, a girl needs to have her secrets. But, hey, it’s not that big of a secret. I’ve mentioned it on Facebook and who doesn’t have access to that? So, here it is:

I like to watch pro football. Honest to truth, I do. I haven’t always been this way. In fact, I grew up in a home where my dad and two brothers watched every Sunday, right through Fall and the holiday season, all the way up to the Super Bowl. And I didn’t get it.

Men in tight pants, running around a field, chasing a ball. And the announcers talking about downs and penalties and wide receivers and stats—boy, do they love stats. All that scampering, up and down the field. What was the point?

Then, I moved to Colorado. Several states away from family. One year, my work team set up a football season game—anyone who wanted to participate came up with a “team” name and, each week, chose which teams would win the upcoming games.

It sounded like fun so I picked the name “Anita Mann” (say it out loud) and made my best guesses (definitely guesses) who the winners might be. Since I didn’t have any stakes personally, I usually went with family teams—the Rams for my Dad, the Vikings for one brother, the Steelers for another and, of course, the Denver Broncos because I was a devoted Colorado girl at the time.

Before long, I was watching the occasionally game on Sunday afternoons, hoping at least one of my teams would win. I especially liked how the sounds reminded me of my childhood.

Then, during a Steelers’ game, Hines Ward caught a pass and ran it for a couple dozen yards before an opposing defensive back plowed him to the ground. The next second, Ward jumped to his feet, a big grin on his face, and that’s when I realized how much fun football could be.

Fall Hammock Anne MemeNow, it’s as much a part of this time of year for me as pumpkin-scented candles, soft lights and fuzzy slippers. I like the clever plays, the big mistakes (from the other team) and, of course, the come-from-behind wins. This week, I enjoyed watching Peyton Manning break the record for most touchdown passes ever and laughed as the Pittsburgh Steelers made 24 points in less than three minutes of game time in the second quarter.

The months of October, November and December are my favorite time of the year and, as far as I can remember, always have been. I often feel like I haven’t changed much over the years, other than getting older and all that comes with that. Then a little thing like football reminds me I have changed. And, Lord willing, I’ve changed for the better in more important ways than just what I enjoy watching on a Sunday afternoon.


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