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Homesickness in Reverse

on August 14, 2014

IMG_0185What I have noticed so far upon my return to the States is that everything is too expensive. Ten dollars for a cup of coffee, a bagel and cream cheese, and a small square of chocolate?

I’ve also noticed that the weather is not as warm and sunny as I would have expected for summer. I’ve been looking forward to a return of hot days and sunshine since I’ve been in a Cape Town winter for months. But cool, overcast skies greeted me upon my return to Durham and have lasted for a week.

The coffee is all wrong, forcing me to become a fast expert in how I like my brew. Latte, 12 oz., single shot, whole milk. And it’s still not the same. The tea is equally wrong. It’s supposed to come in a cup and saucer, not a mug, brown sugar should be on the table, and there should be a choice of teas–not just Lipton.

Within days of being back I met a new guy, Joe. He approached me in Target, on a ponytail-yoga-pants-no-make-up kind of day.


We chatted, exchanged numbers and, later, talked on the phone. He’s 50, attractive, divorced, Christian, retired Army and super-nice. We’ve been to coffee and a movie so far. But. I’m not interested. He’s too southern. Too settled. He’s not a man of ideas. He has no vision for his future.

And I guess what you could say is, the root of the root is, that I’ve left my heart in Cape Town.

It’s been 17 days. How long does it take to feel at home again?




One response to “Homesickness in Reverse

  1. Carole Brown says:

    Isn’t it funny how it works that way sometimes–the homesickness in reverse? 🙂 I’ve noticed it many times after our travels, especially to places we’ve revisited. sigh. Best to you. Loved the post.

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