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Being Alone

on August 5, 2014

Recently a dear friend requested prayer. Her husband of many, many years was going to be traveling, and she would be alone for about a week. The time alone loomed before her and taunted her. It was not something she was familiar with and she openly revealed she wished for a friend close enough to walk through this with her. She struggles with missed companionship when her husband is gone. While she understands Jesus is right there with her, it’s tough when there isn’t someone physically there with you.

I love my friend and offered up prayer for her during that week. It was easy to know what to pray for since I struggle with the lack of companionship at times.

Dining Alone

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To be totally honest, though, I had bitter thoughts that crept up around this request. Not bitter toward her, but toward God. I’m alone all the time. There is never anyone physically there for me in my house when I feel lonely. It’s easy to feel hurt at my solitary status.

True, I choose to live alone with my cat. I have had roommates over the years, but I prefer to have a place to call my own. I believe that when and if God chooses to send a mate for me I will be able to make the change to sharing a space. I’ve done it before and since marriage is different that a roommate relationship, I trust that difference will temper all the years of living alone.

The week passed and the prayers a group of us offered up for our friend helped. Unexpected offers of time spent together came her way. She felt comfortable and content during the week, and her hubby was able to come home early. It wasn’t as bad as she thought it might be.

Here’s the thing about this week: without knowing it, she experienced a little piece of my world. And I was able to experience a little of hers. We were created for fellowship, both with God and with other humans. Whether we are single and live alone, or married for a long time and have never lived alone, we need other human company. Our marital status doesn’t change that need. It simply changes the way we approach life.



4 responses to “Being Alone

  1. This is poignant, Tammie. My favorite part of this post is that last paragraph. I was once at a retreat with a group of women, both married and single, and while I was single, one of the married women expressed a prayer concern that seemed straight from my own heart. It reminded me how very much we have in common, even though our situations were different. I just prayed for you.

  2. Alease B. says:

    Nice post Tammie. I spent the summer living alone and loved it. I think what made it enjoyable was the daily companionship I felt when I wasn’t at home. We all really do need other human company, whether we live alone or not.

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