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Singleness Is Academic

on July 24, 2014
Image courtesy of Surachai/

Image courtesy of Surachai/

One of the things that I have enjoyed most about my time in Cape Town has been my conversations with my supervisor.

Recently, during one of these conversations, we discussed the possibility of my going on from my current program of study to do doctoral work. I shared a couple of topics I might be interested in researching before saying, “But what I am passionate about is singleness in the church.” I then went on and on about why. My supervisor listened, and said it sounded like I wanted to write a theology of singleness.

And that was exactly it! I had been unable to name precisely what I was trying to accomplish in thinking and writing about singleness in the church. But now I can. I want to take a broad theological view of what singleness means. My supervisor’s insight was like a gift from the Lord.

I have never heard of or read such a theology (but please let me know where it is if you have!), so I am extremely excited. I’ve been doing much thinking about what a theology of singleness might entail, and what approach I might use to tackle this vast matter. I want to do more than a review of the historical place of singleness. I want to go beyond discussions of pastoral care. I want  to not be restricted to a review of well-known passages of Scripture that explicitly mention singleness. But that’s as far as I have come in organizing my thoughts.

What do you think? What overarching themes must be addressed by a church thinking theologically about singleness?


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