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Learning from Our Friends

on May 20, 2014

Father Jesus, the priest at my family’s church, spoke one Saturday night of the importance of fellowship. Much of our Christian faith is relational. We see this example in Christ. One of the first things He did when He began His public ministry was to surround Himself with His disciples. I believe the purpose of this was two-fold: He knew someone would need to carry on after He was gone and He knew when life got tough He would need these men to lean on.

The topic of the sermon was serendipitous as I have been thinking recently about how important my friendships are to my faith walk. I saw the importance of friendship right from the start when my friend Jan took my hand so many years ago and led me to Christ. Her friendship continued to sustain me as I was a new Christian.

Since that time I have been blessed with many good Christian friendships. Over those turbulent years when my mom was sick, my friends walked beside me through it all; they held me up both physically and in prayer when I needed it. And, like the disciples, they helped me to fulfill the mission God gave me.

Today I want to share with you about my friend Maggie. She not only has walked beside me through those tough years, but she taught me much just in being my friend. She began as my boss and, over the years, we came to find we had mutual interests and our friendship blossomed.

An incredible woman of God, Maggie is not afraid to let her faith show. In a world where it isn’t always kosher to speak our faith in the workplace, Maggie doesn’t mince words. She speaks openly about what drives her — love of God and love of family.

She too has taken her cue from Christ and has learned to surround herself with people who share her faith. When times are tough she quickly comes to those of us she has chosen as friends and confidants and asks for prayer. Often during conversations she will say, “I really need prayer for this.” And she is quick to share ways God is answering prayer in her life.

The other thing I have noticed about Maggie is that she walks the walk. During a recent conversation she related a situation that she and her husband were facing. She knew the choice they had made was what God was requesting of them. It wasn’t easy because they couldn’t see how God was going to make this request come to fruition. Still, they leaned on God, not on their own abilities. They basically had a month in which God could provide. They stepped out on faith and within a week I received a text saying that it was done — God had seen their faithfulness and fulfilled the request.

Maggie and her husband have two young boys. They are incredibly devoted to their children. She was recently in a position of making a choice at work that would affect her career and her family. It was a tough decision and she was honest about her pride and how that was factoring into this. Yet, when it came down to it, she chose her family over her pride.

Through the years, Maggie has been there for me. She taught me much about the work we did, but so much more about walking in faith. She was there through that tough year as my family weathered the storms of my father’s quintuple bypass surgery and my mom’s accident and death. Maggie cried with me and prayed with me. She was the arms and ears of Christ to me when I needed it most.

Yes, God created us to be relational for good reason. He knew we would need not only the example of other Christians, but also the support. We should all be like Christ and surround ourselves with true friends in the faith.


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