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You Come Back

on April 11, 2014

My three-year-old nephew, Oliver, has been struggling with separation anxiety lately. For years he handled being dropped off at childcare just fine. But now he screams and clings to my sister, Susie, like she’s heading off to war.

Ollie in the Window

Photo courtesy of Susan Jarvis/Waterkopf Photography

Ever since I moved within four miles of my family, Susie and I have tried to workout at the YMCA a few times a week. And, until recently, Ollie spent that hour happily playing with the other kids.

But not anymore. And before you say, “Well, just leave him. After a while, he’ll settle down and start playing and be fine,” let me add that if Susie leaves him, he doesn’t just cry. He throws up. And that’s just not something she wants to do to the nice staff at the Y.

So we haven’t been going. (Yeah, I should go anyway but that’s another subject.)

My nephew soon indicated it wasn’t just his parents he wanted to stay close. Since I live nearby, I visit the family often. A few weeks ago as I was getting ready to leave, I said,

“Bye, Ollie! I’ll see you later.”

He ran up to me. “You come back, Sharyn. You come back.”

These words had a surprising impact on my single heart. Being near my sister and her children was the reason I moved from Colorado to Ohio over seven years ago. I needed that sense of home and family. To hug Ollie and his two sisters on a regular basis is like perfume to my soul.

As much as I loved Colorado, being so far from family just got more and more difficult. I missed them all so much, I can definitely relate to Oliver’s desperation to keep his loved ones close.

In Psalm 68, King David sang about how “God sets the lonely in families.” When He opened the doors for me to move here, that’s exactly what He did. Now my separation anxiety can be remedied with a five-minute drive.

“Yes, Ollie. I’ll come back.”

What about you? Are you close to family? Or do you find that connection in your friendships?


2 responses to “You Come Back

  1. Carole Brown says:

    That’s such a sweet post. I love that little fellow, Ollie, and I don’t even know him. He’ll prob outgrow it, but until then, I say: humor him as much as possible. And, yes. My spiritual security must rest in God!

  2. sharynkopf says:

    Isn’t he adorable? But yes, we’re definitely hoping he outgrows it. Soon!

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