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My Body: It’s Alive!

on April 3, 2014
"Andromeda" by Eugene Delacroix c.1852.  Public Domain

“Andromeda” by Eugene Delacroix c.1852. Public Domain

During my last round of dating I went out with a guy whom I’ll call Tommy. After going out a couple of times — and a protracted period of not going out while discussing whether or not we should date — I finally decided I would like to officially date Tommy.

On our next date we went to Tommy’s best friend’s house and hung out with him and his girlfriend. Tommy and this couple had been friends since grade school. I felt like I had been welcomed into a tight-knit friendship.

They talked like I was the one Tommy had been waiting for. I was going to be good for him and he was going to be good for me, said the best friend. I sat near Tommy and there was closeness. He leaned in to talk to me privately when our hosts were in the kitchen. His leg brushed my leg. I touched his arm, and rested my hand there. We laughed and bantered with one another. He put his hand over mine.

It was quite late when we finally left, probably around 1 in the morning. Since we drove separately, Tommy walked me to my car. Then he kissed me. And I kissed him back. And there was some kind of explosion that happened between us physically. It was some of the most passionate kissing that I have ever experienced. He was commanding and sure. He knew exactly how to kiss me and touch me for maximum impact. And I seemed to know the exact right ways to impact him. Which was a brand new thing for me.

That night it felt like my comatose body had been awakened. And my body wanted to satisfy appetites that had been suppressed for a long, long, long, long time.

Tommy and I broke up before things progressed much further.

But my body is still awake.

Is this surge of “sexiness” part of the aging process?


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