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Constant Craving

on March 28, 2014

Yes, I intended to write about dreams this week—and I’m sure I’ll get back to it eventually—but I’ve been thinking about cravings lately and have decided to chew on that topic instead.

So, what do you do about food cravings? Especially the unexpected ones? Mine almost always come at me through my nose. Seriously. Out of nowhere, I’ll smell chocolate or nachos or a McDonald’s egg and sausage biscuit—whether anything like it is near me or not. Lately, it’s been jelly beans.

It’s so unfair.

This is especially problematic as I’ve felt the need to cut back on my sugar intake recently. I’m no spring chicken and I have a desire to live more proactively for my future self. That old woman I’m destined to become, Lord willing, will appreciate still being able to take long walks, climb up a cliff, jump into a pool and, basically, live her life as fully as possible.

Too many sweets plus too much excess weight will get in the way of that.


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All of which has made me more aware of the need to fight off those cravings, but it’s a constant effort to knock them down. Still, I’d say I’m successful eight out of ten times. Which is great, in theory. On the other hand, if those cravings hit me, say, four times an hour—or 64 times in a 16-hour day—then I’m still caving over a dozen times a day.

This is a big enough problem on its own. Recently, though, there’s been a third layer. I’ve spent the last several months trying to get by with very little new work coming in. The downside of being self-employed. And I’m stressed. I have two books releasing in April and, since this is a dream-come-true, I should be happy, thrilled, delighted. But I’m too freaked-out about my lack of income to enjoy the process or the anticipation.

And what does someone who fights off chocolate cravings on an hourly basis do when she’s stressed? She convinces herself it’s OK to splurge because she’s going through a tough time and she deserves it.

So, about 60 times a day, I smell or get a hankering for something I want to stay away from. Often, I can knock the longing away. Until that little voice reminds me of my non-working situation, my lack of income, my worry about the future.

“It’s all right, Sharyn. You’re going through a tough time. A little something sweet will ease the strain.”

Of course, it doesn’t. But by the time I realize that, it’s already too late.

How do you handle cravings and stress? Please speak/write freely—I’m looking for ideas.


2 responses to “Constant Craving

  1. Carole Brown says:

    Oh, dear, oh dear, I sympathize! What a dilemma. Sharyn, have you sent out messages advertising your work? Maybe you should revamp that targeting a little to let us know. Your fb groups? linkedin? Just saying. . . Hope things turn around for you real soon.

  2. sharynkopf says:

    Thank you so much, Carole. I know I need to just keep trying. I’ve certainly made attempts to get the word out through different channels. For now, I choose to believe God will bring just the right job along at the right time. 🙂

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