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Me, Myself and Neal

on March 14, 2014

Neal - window 3After four days celebrating three family birthdays, I arrived home that Monday night with the knowledge I didn’t have to go anywhere again until Wednesday morning. And the thought made me happy in a relieved, brain-fried, where’s-the-remote? kind of way.

Just to clarify: I love spending time with my family. They make me laugh and challenge my I-want-to-be-alone tendencies and drive me crazy and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But that’s a house full of adults plus children plus three dogs and it gets very loud.

So I came home to peace and quiet and Neal Diamond. That’s him in the picture. He yells at me when he wants more food and makes weird, alien-like clicking noises* when he sees a bird outside the window but, other than that, he’s pretty mellow.

It’s a little strange, though, because I’m such an extrovert in many ways. I’ve been singing, acting and/or playing the piano on a stage since I was five. Being around people revitalizes me. And I love to make them laugh. I am willing to look like a complete goof if it will stir a chuckle out of someone.

But it seems that years of living mostly alone have had an effect — I just don’t mind being on my own anymore. It’s a good effect since I don’t have many options. After all, a decent roommate can be hard to find, especially in a small Ohio town like the one I currently call home.

I’m so used to my solitariness that I rarely react when I hear a strange noise at night. Sure, my heartbeat might increase . . . for about five seconds. Then I think, “It’s probably nothing,” and fall right back to sleep. (So far, it’s always been nothing. Praise God.)

And spiders — my mortal enemies — can no longer intimidate me. I’ll take a shoe to one faster than you can say, “Charlotte’s web.” I can fix my clogged shower, put together a desk and find a way to pay the bills and feed my cat, all by my lonesome.

I am an independent woman and I like it. Most of the time.

Some of the time?


Like I said — I’m used to it.

How about you? If you live alone, are you used to it? What’s the hardest part? The easiest?

* I don’t have any personal knowledge as to what aliens sound like, nor do I think they exist. I’m referring to the noises often made by movie aliens.


2 responses to “Me, Myself and Neal

  1. Carole Brown says:

    Loved the post, Sharyn, and you described yourself very well. I think you’re my sister! Lol. Good job.

  2. sharynkopf says:

    Are you an introverted extrovert too, Carole? No wonder we get along. 🙂

    Thanks for the encouragement!

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