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What Happened on Saturday?

on February 24, 2014

Of all the days of the week, which is your favorite? Some might say Friday because it is the last day of their work week. Some might say Saturday as it is actually the one day they can somewhat relax or do enjoyable activities outside of work. Some might say other days for various reasons.

There has been a recent reoccurring theme within my sphere of influence regarding one particular day of the week. This would be Saturday. Why? As we talk about Jesus’ crucifixion (Friday) and His resurrection (Sunday), why don’t we talk about Saturday?

Knowing the end, we are aware of what Jesus was dealing with, but what might His mother, His disciples, Judas, or those He healed, have been feeling? He told them who He was and they all walked with Him for varying amounts of time. However, what must they have felt after He died on Friday, not knowing for certain what was to come? What must they have felt on Saturday?

Confused? Skeptical? Angry? Uncertain of the future? Hopeless? Helpless? Sad? Tortured?

Unwavering faith?

They must have experienced so much within those 24 hours between His death and resurrection! In thinking about it, I’m not even certain what I would have felt.

While exploring the possibilities, I am directed to the current Saturdays in my life. These are times sandwiched between the beginning of and the completion of a job, a housing arrangement, a significant event, etc. It’s the time I await for thunknown; the time which feels to me to be endless.images

I wait, swimming in the emotions of uncertainty, doubt, maybe anger, anxiety, helplessness, anticipation.

Because I know the outcome, because I know Jesus has risen, because I have the Bible and the complete story, there should be no reason for any feelings other than ultimate trust and faith for provision and direction from the Father. However, the Saturdays in my life feel like they last forever and are filled with anything but complete faith and trust.

Holy Spirit, please give me the faith, peace, and direction I need while waiting for the next job and housing you have deemed as mine. I choose to believe in You and Your complete provision.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.
–Psalm 3:5-6

What are your Saturdays like?

photo 5 – Shirlee


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