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I Know It’s Around Here Somewhere

on February 17, 2014

Another day, another adventure!

I help lead a small group in exploring who God is and what the Christian faith is all about. One of my responsibilities is to make sure there’s food at the weekly meetings, whether I cook it myself or order something in.

Thus my challenge begins. Cooking is not something I find particularly enjoyable as it seems to “eat up” so much of my time. I have so many other responsibilities during the week that this particular responsibility feels a bit burdensome.

I decided two weeks ago to order something over the phone with the hope that what is needed would actually arrive on time and just like I ordered it. It’s my first time using the native language to do this. Although the phone is a wonderful means of communication, there can be barriers in using it.

The order is placed, the address is given and now all I can do is wait. I am pleased to hear the food arrived at its destination, but it got there before me as I was running late. Fortunately, the other leader, who had already arrived, could pay for it. One hurdle over, now the next–I had to obtain a special receipt from the restaurant. The delivery person had left the information I needed.

This new adventure now begins. I set out to find “Pizza to Go.” I get to the street. I locate the general numbered area. I find where they say the address is, but there is no pizza place in sight.

I see a print shop, another shop with two people sitting behind a counter and bicycles in the lobby, along with other various clothing stores and eateries.

No pizza.

By now, I’m tired and have much to do. It takes about an hour to get anywhere by public transportation so my time is precious. Just before turning around to go home, I decide to venture into the place where I saw two individuals sitting behind a counter.

The woman has a look of terror in her eyes as I enter, seeing I am clearly a foreigner and it’s highly unlikely we can communicate. I smile, show her my piece of paper, and she points next door.

Hmm . . . there is nothing there but a print shop and a dark stairwell that no one should climb alone. It clearly is in the area but I am missing something. I walk down the street and see someone who looks to be another foreigner. He gladly helps by directing me to someone else.

As I continue to ask around, I end up in the print shop. Really? I show them the address I’m looking for and they nod in recognition. So, I ask for the receipt. They make a phone call and tell me to wait. While waiting, I decide to order something to go at the print shop counter.

What will happen now? Where is the food? Where are the cooks? I don’t smell pizza or anything else cooking. The woman leaves through the back door of the print shop. I wait and wonder. Within a very short time, she returns with food in hand.

What is behind that door? Who cooked my food? Where did it come from? The adventurer in me wants to go exploring, but I decide it’s best just to leave it be.

I still have no idea where my food came from, although it was tasty and filling. There are just some things in life better left unknown.

photo 5



4 responses to “I Know It’s Around Here Somewhere

  1. Wow! You definitely are a brave soul!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Love the bravery!

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