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No Kiss on My List

on February 14, 2014


I have always been single on Valentine’s Day. That’s not something I enjoy admitting but there it is. Still, though I’ve never been in love, I’m not anti-Cupid. I may be as single as the day I was born, yet I soar through the dream of romance like Jamie Anderson over a Russian mountain in the Olympics earlier this week.

Love is a wonder to me and, fortunately, it has many forms. Over the years I’ve celebrated V-Day in a variety of ways. I’ve dipped strawberries in chocolate fondue while laughing with friends over cheesy chick flicks. I’ve gone to movies or out to eat or just enjoyed a quiet night at home watching Chuck reruns. One year I hosted a dress-up princess party for my girlfriends. Sometimes, I just hang out with my family.

And then there was the year I had dinner with friends and cried on the way home . . . until those tears turned into an idea and the idea turned into a story and the story turned into a novel—one I look forward to finishing someday.

Being single is the only kind of Valentine’s Day I’ve known. By God’s grace, I’ve learned to appreciate the many joys and nuances to be found in that.

So when I saw an article listing 10 reasons it’s better to be single on V-Day I was intrigued and anticipated finding at least a few new ideas. Then I read it. And all I saw was a condescending attempt to pacify sad and lonely single girls.

Maybe it’s me. I admit I have a tendency to read the invisible ink of subtext. But when a list tells me I should rejoice because I don’t have to shave my legs, I could have the gym all to myself and I can get candy on sale at the local drugstore, the text isn’t that subtle. “Might as well eat all the chocolate you want, Sasquatch, ’cause you ain’t gettin’ any love tonight.”

I suppose it bothered me because it was so . . . meaningless. The whole list wallowed in self-centered muck. And I want to be about more than that in my singleness.

So, why do I think it’s better—or, at least, not worse—to be single on Valentine’s Day? Because I’m smack-dab in the middle of where God wants me. Because I love and I am loved. Because my friends are laugh-out-loud delightful and my sisters are more fun than an empty gym—or even a full one—and my nieces and nephew give the best fall-into-you hugs a girl could ask for.

That’s what’s on my list for a better February 14. What’s on yours?


We hope you’ll join us tomorrow for a Q & A about Valentine’s Day with the Girls Night In authors! You’ll find out a little more about what makes us tick–or twitch–when it comes to our singleness.



2 responses to “No Kiss on My List

  1. Carole Brown says:

    great reasoning. I like the way you approached the subject. 🙂

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