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A Special Kind of Love

on February 12, 2014

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Every year on February 14 the “love holiday” arrives. For singles who have someone special, count your blessings. For those of us who don’t, we can still enjoy—not just endure—Valentine’s Day. All we need is a bit of perspective and some renewed hope.

If this holiday is all about love, then we can focus on the One who loves us most: God. Instead of a bouquet of flowers, He wants to present you with a bouquet of truth. Certainly, fragrant roses or bright yellow sunflowers are a thing of beauty. But the truth about God’s love for us lasts all year long.

We need to know that love and experience it first hand. We need to better absorb the love God has for us. How can we do that? Well, look at how to care for fresh flowers as an example.

One of the most important things you need to do before you put fresh flowers in a vase is to cut off the bottom of the stems first. Then the stems can better absorb the water and the beautiful flowers will last longer.

Likewise, God often cuts away or prunes things in our lives that keep us from absorbing His living water of truth—like pride or an unforgiving heart. As He lovingly cuts away the things we don’t need, God also pours into us the truth about how much we are loved.

And that love is amazing. Being loved by God means He protects us. He provides for us. He accepts us, whether we have makeup on or not, whether we are in shape or 40 pounds overweight. He understands. He listens. And He acts on our behalf to help, to heal, to correct and to guide us. God loves us, and He likes us. He longs for us to enjoy Him and to know we are enjoyed by Him.

On Valentine’s Day—and every day—you can know with certainty that you already have a love to last a lifetime—and beyond.


2 responses to “A Special Kind of Love

  1. Carole Brown says:

    Great devotional today!

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