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Single and Searching . . . For a Good Place to Eat

on February 6, 2014

file0001818876295Recently, I was traveling and had occasion to dine alone in the unfamiliar city of Baltimore. My first decision in determining where to eat was to head to the neighborhood where the Four Seasons Hotel was located, figuring there would be plenty of nice shops and eateries in the vicinity. I was not disappointed.

Using the Yelp app on my phone, I identified a seafood restaurant in the area that seemed ideal, but on the drive there I passed a different place that bore the intriguing name of Sticky Rice. I love sticky rice! So I changed plans and, knowing nothing of the restaurant, decided to eat there.

When I got to the door I didn’t even stop to read the posted menu. Based on the name of the restaurant I thought, “It’s Thai food. Who needs a menu?”

The restaurant had a well-decorated, somewhat dimly lit dining area. I was seated, without any funny looks about dining alone, and handed a menu. When I perused the offerings, to my surprise I found that I was not in a Thai restaurant at all. Sticky Rice was a sushi restaurant! (Duh, other cuisines serve sticky rice, Leasey.)

Well, I had been all set for Thai, but didn’t want to make a fuss by leaving, nor waste time driving and parking all over again. Also, I figured the Chesapeake Bay area with its fresh seafood might actually be a good place to get sushi. So I ordered, and was amazed by some of the best-tasting sushi I have ever eaten. So much so, that I plan to make Baltimore my half-way stopping point whenever I am driving north so I can go back to Sticky Rice.

Dining alone can often be a strain on the nerves, but this trip proved it doesn’t have to be. Because I was alone I could use my own quirky criteria for finding a neighborhood where I wanted to eat. I only had myself to please when it came to deciding what kind of food to choose. While en route to one place, I was able to change my mind, just like that, and decide to go to a different place. And best of all, in the course of all of my choices and changes, I chanced upon one of the best meals I have had in a long while. Viva singleness!


4 responses to “Single and Searching . . . For a Good Place to Eat

  1. Carole Brown says:

    A nice touch for singleness. I like it.

  2. Viva singleness! I never thought of the ability to change my mind on the way to one dining place when alone, but it’s a nice perk! Not such a fan of sushi, though, so I would have been in a tough spot 🙂

    • aleaseb says:

      Tammie, that’s one of my favorite perks of being single! Spontaneity! And I know what you mean about sushi. At first I hated it and couldn’t understand why anyone would eat it. But years later I tried it again and, I guess my taste buds changed, bc I really liked it. So now I’m a fan.

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