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Waiting for Prince Charming

on February 5, 2014


“Once upon a time . . .”

So began the fairy tales we often heard as a child—stories that usually happened in a land far away and a time long ago. As children we read stories like Beauty and the Beast or Snow White, where ordinary women lived their ordinary lives. Then, suddenly something unusual happens. A major change or conflict occurs and—in the end—the woman finds her handsome prince and they all live happily ever after.

Sigh. For most of us, this doesn’t happen in real life.

In real life, many single women wonder, “Where’s my Prince Charming? Where’s my happy ending?” Some women—like those of us over 40—have been waiting a very long time.

Whether you’re single or single again, you may question if it is actually possible to find a great guy to spend your life with. Or, like so many childhood stories, is a good relationship and marriage just a fantasy?

Perhaps there is another way to think about this valid, and often deep, ache of the heart for real and lasting love.

One of my favorite authors, Michelle McKinney-Hammond writes, “Men are not your problem or your answer. What you need is a heavenly prince.” A heavenly prince. We need Jesus Christ, the One who loves us most. We need Him to shine the light of truth into our hearts and wake us up! God needs to be first. He is sovereign and that means He will take care of all our needs, even our desire for love.

Ephesians 5:13-14 reads: “But everything exposed to the light becomes visible, for it is light that makes everything visible. This is why it is said: ‘Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.’”

The light exposes the half-truths and lies that deceive us—lies such as “You need someone else to be complete” or “You’re not worth as much without a man around.” Light scatters the fearful and dark notions that you have to make it happen and you have to chase men. When, in fact, God is fully capable and more than willing to bring you a wonderful husband if and when He desires to do so. He may, or He may not. We simply need to ask, to prepare and to trust Him.

Of course, it is not easy to let go of my desires and surrender this super important part of my life to God. Certainly He can see how much I want a relationship, a husband to share my life with. He knows I want to love and be loved in return. But the bottom line is that God needs to be my priority, number one relationship whether I am married or single.

Wanting a life partner is a healthy thing. But when we seek the guy more than God we lose a sense of priorities. We need to know what season we are in. You may be in a “winter” time of waiting, a “springtime” of hope or an autumn of “harvest” in terms of relationships.

This verse in Song of Solomon is helpful: “Do not awaken or arouse love until it so desires.” (8:4). When it’s time, it will be time. Our job is to trust God and spend time with our first love, the One who never leaves us, the One who is Love itself.

May God give you patience and hope as you wait for His best in your love life, and in your whole life.


2 responses to “Waiting for Prince Charming

  1. I’m a believer in fairy tales and unfortunately, I’ve gotten my priorities messed up more than once over the years. Thanks for the reminder, Jackie

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