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You are Enough

on January 22, 2014

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I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

Psalm 139:14, ESV

As a child, my mother would often tell me to clean my room. I’d do my best to straighten it out, but most often when I thought I was done, she’d stand at the bedroom doorway to inspect and say, “It’s a good start!”

Fast forward to the day I graduated from college. My family and I were eating dinner at a suburban Chicago restaurant after the ceremony and Dad leaned over to me and said, “So, are you going to take continuing education classes?”

I sighed and replied, “Dad, I just graduated today. Can’t I just enjoy this?”

I know my parents care about me, but it has often left me wondering when things would ever be “enough.”

Of course, popular culture doesn’t help either. When you watch TV or look at magazine ads, you may feel like you need to have whiter teeth, better skin and long, luxurious hair to be worthy and acceptable.

In addition to outward appearance, many people are striving for more money, more status, more self worth or more of whatever they need to feel full, complete—enough.

But when is enough ever enough? And whose measuring system are we using to know when we’ve attained success?

Joyce Meyer says we need to be careful not to mix up who we are and what we do. She says we can find more peace when we “learn to separate your who from your do.” Who you are is worthy and wonderful in the eyes of God. What you do, your actions, may not always be. Sure, it displeases Him when we rebel or do hurtful things. But it does not cause Him to stop loving us.

Thankfully, we serve a God of never-ending love, lavish grace and extreme forgiveness.

Remember, you were created in the image of God. (Genesis 1:27) With God’s measuring rod we are complete. We can have joy when we know our true significance and sufficiency in Christ. As we submit to God and become more Christ-centered in our thinking and less self-centered, we come to a truer understanding of who we really are.

Complete and content in Christ, you are enough! Believe it, and be at peace.


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