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Table for One

on January 14, 2014
Image courtesy of stockimages/

Image courtesy of stockimages/

“I won’t eat alone in a restaurant with waitresses. Fast food is okay, but not with waitresses.”

“This recipe for beef bourguignon sounds delicious, but it serves 8 and I’ll be eating it for a week.”

“If I do have to eat alone in public, I make sure I spend the whole time playing on my phone and texting people.”

“I love to cook, but it seems like a waste of time to cook a full meal just for me.”

Sound familiar? Our culture views food as a communal experience in many ways. We have family dinners and potlucks at work and “let’s do lunch.” All this can be a field full of landmines for single diners.

I know the feeling. I grew up in a family of six and I learned to cook for a crowd. In my 20s, I wouldn’t even go into a fast food restaurant by myself much less a sit down restaurant.

These days, I’m okay with running in and taking my food to go. I will eat alone in a restaurant, but I time my meals to fall outside the typical dining hours. And, like the commenter above, I bring a book to focus my attention on. I’ve actually come to enjoy a quiet meal served by someone else where I can just read and relax.

Our Tuesday posts will focus on recipes for one and ways to make dining alone more pleasurable. We’ll share tips and ideas about how to make life easier when it comes to the single girl’s kitchen.

What are your experiences with dining alone or cooking for one? Have you felt the same stigma of sitting in a restaurant alone?


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