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Too Young to Be Old

on January 13, 2014

Today, marks the official break from my language studies for this semester. I’m off until March 3rd and so looking forward to this break.

I share language classes with students from all over the world, yet, in many ways, they could be my children. This realization has been quite an adjustment.

In the States, I became something of a “big sister” to many young women, mentoring and sharing life with them. When I moved abroad, though, I quickly realized that other cultures highly valued respecting their elders in a whole different way.

On two occasions, two different classmates addressed me as “Mama!” Oh dear God, what had I gotten myself into? Initially, I was a bit offended. After all, I couldn’t be that old! I fought it for a while by trying to be more sister-like, but piercing those cultural boundaries was tougher than I expected, and after all, they were simply trying to respect and honor me. I knew this on an intellectual level but the heart was struggling.

With time, the internal struggle was more than I could manage. I had more important things I needed to focus on. So, on my 50th birthday, God graciously showed me how to rest in the reality of my age. That was one of the best birthday gifts I received. I still share the classroom with students between 18 and 26 years but I now enter the classroom as their elder classmate, someone who can easily make them laugh and bring joy to their typically stressful education.

This is just one of my many experiences living and studying overseas. Talk about an adventure!Image

So, what about you? Have you ever wanted to share in another culture? Have you ever wanted to expand your view of God through knowing the extreme differences yet similarities of an international neighbor? Have you ever felt as if your life in the States was a little “two-dimensional”?

Join me on this international quest to expand the borders of your creativity, mind, soul and spirit. Come see how God works and is present all over the world and yet right in your own back yard.

photo 5

Let’s explore together!

“May the Lord endow you with the wisdom to carry out every assignment He has given you.” Ex. 31:6


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